In response to PDP Attempt to Divert Attention from Corruption cases. 

The National Assembly can only be distracted to the extent they choose to be distracted. While I wholeheartedly support the current attempt to recover stolen monies and bringing the thieves to justice, that should also not distract from the actual business of governance. 
Buhari laid out a a second of objectives he aimed to take on. So far, the big band is corruption. Even that has been limited to the last administration and people are being arrested and held indefinitely without due process. 

      Buhari promised to go hard against corruption
      Buhari promised to unite the country
      Buhari promised to wipe out Boko Haram by Dec 31, 2015
      Buhari promised to uphold the constitution 

So far, I have not been impressed. Yes he is investigating corruption but he is being strong armed about it. He can’t say people suspected of corruption are guilty until proven innocent. The negates his promise to uphold the constitution. He cannot hold people indefinitely without charging them with a crime. He cannot order people charged with a crime released without letting justice run its course. He has the power to pardon but you cannot pardon anybody of a crime they have not been convicted. That is to say, until a crime is proven, the president is constitutionally bound not to interfere with the judicial process. Remeber, the judiciary is an independent body and the president has no constitutional authority to override them or interfere with their process. 

God bless nigeria.