Open Letter to GOP 

This was a letter I sent to my congresswoman in protest of her vote on the House #AHCA bill. I make the same available now to all Republican Senators especially the Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, also to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.  


Dear U.S. Rep. Kay Granger,Cc: Sen Ted Cruz, John Cornyn
I disagree with your vote on U.S. House Resolution 228 (Procedural vote on Obamacare repeal and replace: Passed 230 to 194 in the U.S. House).

In my opinion the entire Republican healthcare agenda has become about “getting” Obama rather than solving our healthcare problem. 

When did it become American to say to young Americans, “do not buy into the healthcare system because you’d be subsidizing old people”? 

That was the message we heard over and over from Republicans during the 2009/2010 healthcare debate from the likes of Rand Paul and Paul Ryan. They seem to forget it is the same young people that grow to be old people. During the transition for youth to old age, some have children, then grand children etc. 

It did not end there, Paul Ryan in introducing the very flawed AHCA divided the country into 

  1. Young vs Old
    • Young people who he said shouldn’t be paying for or subsidizing  old people
    • Old people who he said should not be paying for or, subsidizing young people starting and/or growing a family. 
  2. Men vs Women:
    • Men who he said should not be paying for women’s contraceptive because men can never be pregnant.
    • Women should not be paying for men’s ED medications, they will never have an erection. 
  3. Singles vs Couples:
    • Single people who he said should not be paying for children because they don’t have any. 

You should really sit back and think about that for a moment. What the Republicans are creating is an extremely selfish population devoid of empathy for family and friends.

Republicans are creating an extremely selfish population devoid of empathy for family and friends. 

They are asking kids not to support their parents, parents not to support their children, grandparent not to be concerned about grandchildren. We are telling men to ignore the needs of their sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives. 

What in Gods name is wrong with us? What is wrong with you, our lawmakers?

Republicans in particular want every pregnancy to result in live birth but then strip every support for pre and post natal care for mother and child. We turn pregnancy into an affliction for which women particularly must be punished.

May I remind you that young people grow up to be old people. It takes a man and a woman to make a child.  

No provision is made for that person who lived a healthy life and was insured through their transition from youth to old age.  No one hospitalization, no surgeries not major illness or infections in their youth. They turn 61 and bingo, they penalized for it.  Under ACA, their premium may see a 300% increase (3x). Under the GOP bill, the insurance providers are allowed a 500% increase in premium for old people. 

Their only crime is turning 61, growing old. It is very likely that this very healthy youth will be a very healthy senior but in the United States of America, that is a crime punishable by tripling (and if the GOP get their way, quintupling ) their premiums and deductibles. 30-40 years of premium become a donation to commercial interests for CEOs to live large. 

When did it become an American value to diminish our old people at the time of their greatest need?


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