An Open letter to my Senator John Cronyn

I heard you say that “Although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, it doesn’t make a darn difference. Democrats should stop being angry and rally behind the president [sic]”. Stop and rally behind a man who spent 6 years orchestrating a delegitimization of a duly elected president. A president who, unlike Trump won both popular and electoral votes by considerable margin. That kind of talk you engage in is driving people into the streets. Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote means she got more real human Americans supporting her candidacy, whose view on the direction the country takes must be considered and respected. You cannot continue to treat them with arrogant disregard and disdain.

May I ask, why are actions deemed unconstitutional overreach under the Obama administration suddenly become the presidents’ constitutional duty under Donald Trump? 

Trump has been nominating to his cabinet, people who do not meet the vast majority of real people who voted for Hillary Clinton half-way. He did not win the popular vote as you noted but he is making sure he only responds to the minority of the population that gave him the win. No attempt to reach across to the majority he lost. I can’t say whether he is just being in character (I know Donald Trump is a very vindictive man), he is unaware of the impact on the people (I doubt that, all he has to do is look on the tv) or he is just getting bad advice. 

 The nomination of Jef Sessions for instance should be disturbing to every true objective American. This man who is tagged to be the chief law enforcement officer stood by while an angry mob, including President Trump, chanted “Lock her up” without an attempt to temp that down. When asked why, he was not apologetic nor bothered by the effect on most people who gave Hillary Clinton the popular vote victory.

 The nomination Neil Gorsuch,  whom you called mainstream is an affront to all the little people. The man believes in blanket immunity for government agencies. The man believes that corporations are people who can impose reproductive choices on their employees base on the corporations’ religion. The man has a very long history of right wing religious activism that we do not need. The authors of the constitution knew 200 years ago that congress should pass no laws respecting the establishment of any religion. It means, laws must be based on what is in the interest of the people. There must never be a religious litmus test. Religion should remain a private relation between the individual and their faith object. No law must be passed that allow any person, including corporations (who Gorsuch seem to believe are people) to discriminate on the basis of religion.  

As the GOP rant and rave with righteous indignation over the questioning of Trump nominees, I will remind you that , on Jan 20, 2009 as the country celebrated the triumph of peaceful transition of power as represented by our democratic process, Republican Leadership huddled and plotted the subversion of the newly elected president who hadn’t even taken office. The GOP proceeded to execute on that plot to subvert through the promise made by the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that the goal of the GOP was to make sure President Obama failed. Today, every GOP Senator tell us that Trump won and therefore his agenda is the will of the people, a deference they seem to think Obama who won both popular and electoral vote by an unprecedented margin, did not deserve.

 When Obama used executive order to shield people who arrived in the US as children, and have known no other country for 7 years or more, you Sen Cornyn and Ted Cruz led a GOP group that filed a law suit challenging the presidents authority. 

Now Donald Trump uses executive order to ban Moslems arriving in the US including those legal residents. Now you claim that it is the responsibility of the president to determine who comes in and who doesn’t, who stays and who doesn’t. 

 May I ask, why are actions deemed an unconstitutional overreach under the Obama administration suddenly become the president constitutional duty under Donald Trump?

 For almost 1 year, the GOP denied Obama’s Supreme court nominee, Merrick Garland the curtesy of a hearing for a reason even you know is blatantly unconstitutional. The excuse that we have started an election process and that, as McConnell put it, let the American people decide. That statement suggests Obama was not elected by the American people which reminds me of McConnels pledge at the start of Obamas presidency : McConnell stated that his goal was to see Obama fail and subsequently embarked on the most obstruction in the history of the United States senate.

 I can’t claim to know how to resolve the impasse but I do know that the message those people in he streets heard from the extreme obstruction of the Obama presidency, the 60 vote threshold demanded by GOP to approve Obama’s nominees, the demand that all Obama cabinet appointees be fully vetted before any confirmation hearing, but now demanding that Trump’s appointees be rushed through without completing the vetting strikes one as suggesting  that only Republican President have mandate to govern.

 My advice to you and your GOP colleagues is, cut out the double speak. Be honest for once in your life (I don’t know how you can sleep after your public utterances). Stop demanding that the majority that is upset “grow up and accept the result of the election”. Trump for years did not accept Obama’s presidency and did everything he could to delegitimize it. He has never apologized for that extremely divisive campaign he carried on for nearly 6 years. Not one GOP leader has called him on that or suggest that he offer a proper apology to the majority of Americans who voted for Obama, yet here we are, you and other GOP leaders, complaining about the resistance of a majority of Americans to Trump’s nominees who,  they see as negatively impacting their lives.

I also suggest you visit the conversation Retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter had with  Margaret Warner back in 2012 titled “Constitutionally Speaking with Justice David Souter and Margaret Warner”. It is a shame that our law makers have let partisanship slowly but surely erode the foundations of our democracy. 

 My  personal belief is that when candidates run for the office of the president of United states, they articulate a vision for America they believe will move America forward. The people choose their president based on their understanding of that vision the candidates articulated.  It is the role of the legislature to help implement that vision in the most cost effective way because that is what the people want. It is not the role of the legislature to substitute their own vision for that of the duly elected president as the GOP did for the latter  6 years of the Obama presidency.

 If at the end of a 4 year term, the people decide whether they like what the POTUS started in which case, they re-elect him/her to advance the vision further otherwise they replace the person. it is not the role of the legislature to substitute their agenda for that articulated by a duly elected president. We cannot let the egomaniacs in the legislature to subvert an elected president by substituting their own agenda or vision. 


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