In Response to Moslem Woman Asra Nomani, who voted for Trump explains

I admire this woman, Asra Nomani‘s conviction. A true liberal in every sense of the word. I do however take issue with the wide brush she used to paint Liberals here as intolerant considering she claims to be one. Yes some people disagree with you and express that disagreement in a most appalling way. Yes those people might just be fellow Liberals, but that does not justify labeling all liberals as narrow minded intolerants. 

Remember that the leadership of the Democratic Party have pledged to work with Trump on issues where they can find and indeed can reach a common ground. A very liberal and democratic stance in my opinion. 

Contrast that with the GOP leadership after 2008 election. On Jan 20, 2009, inauguration night, as we clelbrate the triumph of democracy in a peaceful transfer of power, the GOP leadership were holed up at a diner plotting subversion. Among the attendees at the subversion plot was the current speaker of the house Paul Ryan(R-WI), current House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Donald Trumps surrogate and former House speaker Newt Gingrich.  A plan later articulated by then Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell(R-KY) as the singular goal of the GOP – to make sure the President of the United States of America failes. In the midst of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, the declared goal of a major US party was to see to it that the elected President, by an unprecedented popular vote margin of victory, fail. That he is not re-elected, to make him in the words is McConnell ” a one term president”  There was not a word of getting together to lift the country out of the world economic collapse. People at Fox network like Bill O’Reilly prayed for a terrorist attack on the homelamd so people can turn against Obama. Evangelicals like Pastor John Hagee and Pastor Stephen J. Anderson prayed asking God bring harm to Obama and his family. Senator David Perdu prayed for Obama’s days to be numbered. Stewart Shepherd on Family called on evangelicals to pray for torrential rain, as he put it “I’m talking ‘umbrella-ain’t-going-to-help-you rain,” to disrupt Obama’s inauguration

The GOP legislators executed their subversion plam plan very effectively, their focus so intense, their hatred of Obama so deep that they let nearly whole decade of extreme low (near 0%) interest rate go by without a single appropriation for infrastructure investment proposed by Obama administration nor did they propose any themselves. Their belief that any success is Obama success and cannot be allowed to stand.  Their goal, to make him look bad and incompetent. Their hatred of Obama trumped their love of country. They could care less about people recovering from a recession caused, in part, by GOP adventurism in Middle East conducting totally unnecessary Iraq war.

Their excuse,  they are concerned about national debt but they had no problem spending $750 million per day fighting the Iraq war off-book, away from view of Americans and the impact on national debt.

 Donald Trump, the 2016 president-elect spent 5years campaigning to delegitimize the presidency of Obama. GOP leadership are paraded on Fox network to disparage and demean the sitting US President. Rudy Giuliani speculated he was not raised to love America, Mitt Romney can’t really say whether Obama was a Christian or not even as they made the pastor of a church he attended the center of 2008 election campaign. John Sununu called him lazy and doesn’t know how “our system” work. Jack Welch accused the bureau of labor statistics, career civil servants, of “cooking the books”  to make Obama look good!

 It is refreshing to see that despite all of that demonization and the continued effort to delegitimize him, President Obama still called on Americans to unite behind the president-elect. Obama made time to sit with and walk Trump through his upcoming job duties above and beyond what previous incumbents have done for the incoming administration. It is refreshing that both Obama and Hillary have spoken out on the need to work with the President-elect for the sake of our country and the future of our children. 

A far cry from the treatment Obama got from the GOP and Donald Trump throughout his presidency. 

So if you are looking for a brush to paint Liberals, use Obama brush, he is our standard bearer. 


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