In Response to Prez Buhari’s Addis Ababa statement

M Buhari
president Mohammed Buhari FRN.

Once again, president Buhari is proving not to be a statesman. Was he suggesting that the civil war was fought over the oil in the Nigerian delta instead of the reason those of them who fought for it gave at the time – keeping Nigeria United? Buhari need to get himself a sensible adviser to vet whatever he plans to say in public before he puts his foot in his mouth again. 

He had claimed the judiciary is a hindrance in his war on corruption. Isn’t that statement in itself corrupt? does he wants the judiciary to rubber stamp his actions? To disregard judicial procedure? Buhari in his own words, complained about the lengthy litigation process for all the times he tried and failed to win elections. In his opinion, the justice system was rigged against him and litigation that came down against him were orchestrated. Yet here we are? He wants the judiciary to rubber stamp his every whim. Is he now claiming the judiciary is still rigged against him? He forgot to mention that every time he lost and failed to concede those losses, many Nigerians died. He forgot to mention that his win and the subsequent concession by Goodluck Jonathan saved lives and money.  He now wants the judiciary to do exactly those things he complained about in his own litigations, rubber stamping government position, due process be damned. 

Nigeria has made its bed with Mr Buhari, let her lie in it. I just hope she gets to wake up to a brighter future. 


God bless Nigeria. 


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