In Response to Armsgate : How Jonathan requested for account into which N400m was paid – EFCC

President Goodluck Jonathan

What is this, a joke? 

Details of what the embattled National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh wrote in the statement he was alleged to have torn while in custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on January 5, has surfaced.

 It is not his statement until he signs it. If he chose not to sign it, he is not answerable for its contents as he had not admitted to making those statements. This is embarrassing and these agents should hang their had in shame. If Metuh did indeed orchestrate the fraud, making up statement and attributing to him without a confession does not help the government case. Any court in its right mind would throw out that statement.  

EFCC should be basing their case on hard facts. I am somewhat intrigued by this section of e report:

“The statement further reads, “12.30 hours: Mr. Metuh Olisa began to volunteer his statement under words of caution.

15.30 hours: Mr. Metuh Olisa concluded his statement which was of four pages. I passed the statements to the team leader, CSP Ibrahim Musa, to read over and endorse accordingly but in the process of reading and after endorsing pages one and two, he swiftly tore into pieces page three of his statement which read that former President Jonathan had asked him to make available, account details owed by his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, and the debts owed him personally and some media houses.”

Who was endorsing the report, CSP Ibrahim Musa? Who tore page 3 after reading and endorsing, CSP Musa? This article is so badly written that it leaves the reader confused as to who is doing what. If Mr Olisa was doing the reading over and endorsing, and tore up page three, not page one, not two not all but only one page, maybe it contained statement he didn’t make and couldn’t in good conscience endorse it. He does not have to sign a statement he does nothing t agree with or volunteer. 

In my opinion, Prez Goodluck Jonathan should address this issue to the best of his ability not by lecturing Nigerians, they are not stupid, but by publicizing the facts as he knows them and backing whatever pronouncements he makes with hard  evidence. 

EFCC should be careful how they prosecute these cases. Prez Buhari, president of Federal Republc of Nigeria (#POTFRON) had stated in Addis Ababa that an impediment to his war on corruption is uncooperative judiciary. EFCC must not pull stunts like this if the want the judiciary to look upon them with trust. The appearance of impropriety no matter how small may sour the entire process. 

God bless Nigeria and POTFRON. 


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