In Response to Fr Mbaka’s : Those who plotted my transfer want me to suffer

Fr Mbaka laments transfer.
” … while describing his transfer as the will of God, said he was convinced the leadership of the church approved it to make him suffer”. 

The implication of the above observation by the good Reverend, Fr. Mbaka is that God is colluding with men to punish him, to make him suffer. 

 For a supposedly, man of God to bemoan his circumstances and blame it on the machinations of man in collusion with God to punish him is pretty ludicrous. I bet Fr. Mbaka must have preached that God has plans for everybody and whatever circumstances one finds themselves, God is in charge.

Here we are, Fr. Mbaka crying and bemoaning his lot in life, blaming people for plotting his downfall. That he is being transferred to a place “without enough provision” to run his ministry and in the same breadth he claimed to have built his current ministry from nothing. 

Why are Fr Mbaka’s first thoughts not God must have a purpose and a plan for him.  Why not that God  was happy with the job he did and want him to do it again in his glory? But then it could just be God showing he is pissed off by Fr Mbaka’s abusing his position of trust and ingratiating himself to politicians by going public with a vision of harm to president M Buhari. 

Fr. Mbaka has the gall to accuse people he claimed plotted his downfall of playing politics, when it was he who set the ball rolling by getting involved in the political conspiracy theory by describing a vision harm to president Buhari.  He should have confined his public utterances to praying for Nigeria, it’s people and its leadership. A priest should never be seen taking sides in politics. God does not take sides, if he did there will be no wars, no crimes and no evil doers. 

Since the world is constantly embroiled in acts of war and religious and politically motivate terrorism. For all of these to continue unabated proves that either God doesn’t take sides or that or there is no God.

God bless Nigeria and save her from charlatans in long robes. 



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