In response to Buratai’s – Why we killed Shiite members in Kaduna

The Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Tukur Buratai, on Tuesday justified why his men killed some members of Shiite Islamic group in Kaduna recently.

Let me state that I categorically oppose any form of religious activism and armed demonstration of any sort. That said, what the good army Chief has failed to say is whether these were peaceful demonstration or violent demonstration. A rowdy demonstration is not violent. Demonstrators are in most cases rowdy. The rowdiness draws attention, brings in the press to highlight their cause. Typically demonstrators interrupt a prominent event or person that will highlight and draw attention to their cause. Interrupting this convoy is a textbook example of a high profile event and person whose interruption would achieve their objectives. Alas, the army did not see it that way. The demonstration is a civil disobedience that should be handled by civilian security, the police. 

If President Buhari is really interested in curbing government excesses, the motorcades is a very low hanging fruit.

By the way, why is the army chief traveling in with a motorcade? The USA army chief does not travel with a motorcade. Why does every tom dick and Harry in the Nigerian administration waste taxpayer funds with such reckless abandon, riding around with motorcades? If President Buhari is really interested in curbing government excesses, the motorcades is a very lo hanging fruit. Leaders must live with the consequences of the environment they create. 

To my mind, the army has not accounted for what happened. That they blocked the motorcade is no reason to gun them down. The army has to prove they feared for their lives enough to warrant opening fire on civilians.

It is a dark day when the only excuse a military commander needs to mow down civilians is “they blocked me”

God Bless Nigeria.


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