In response to stories on Falake’s arrest

The article : I’ve no hand in Faleke Audu’s arrest – Bello got me thinking once I got over the fact it was poorly researched and badly written I started thinking, “Why was the DSS interested in Faleke”. This question  is so integral to understanding the story but was not addressed by the report. The story seem report seem to have been written by the same person no matter what news outlet you look and and whose name is on the report (Is someone plagiarizing ). That not withstanding, I have other questions. 

The remark that “the DSS has been a highly professional organization under present administration …” is so ludicrous on its face. Was the DSS unprofessional prior? If so, when did this change occur? Who flipped the switch? Corporate culture does not change overnight. What specific chances in the DSS suddenly turn them professional when they hitherto not been? A question readers will like to hear answered by the man who made it – Gov elect Bello. 

Yes, the security services need the support of every Nigerian to do their job. That said, they have to do their job within the constraints of the constitution – the supreme law of the land? While the security services deserve the respect and benefit of doubt but for that privilege, they owe the citizenry a commitment to the truth and transparency. They have to be honest and forthcoming in their dealings with the public. They need to tell the public what they are doing and why and their methods must the seen to be within the bounds of the governing constitution. They cannot raid people on the say so of a minister or even the president. All raids must be preceded by a priory investigation and the proper warrants from the judiciary. This is hoping the judiciary is as independent as the constitution portend. 

Let’s build a better Nigeria. One that is guided by democratic principles and governed by the rule of law under the constitution. 

God bless Nigeria. 


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