Boko Haram Funded with looted Funds – Alhaji Lai Mohammed


Alhaji Lai Mohammed – Minister Information &. Culture


This is indeed a mind boggling claim and I sincerely hope that as BON help popularize the programs aimed at ridding the nation of corruption, that it does not loose sight of its primary goal. The primary goal is to faithfully report events as they occur. Not to skew or otherwise sugarcoat the report for expediency. BON cannot allow itself to become a propaganda machine and must hold the administration accountable for its programs and pronouncements.

This is the second time I hear the minister make claims that are very bizarre in their import. To say that the proceeds of corruption go to fund Boko Haram is a very serious charge that must be substantiated. The implication are mind blowing because those participating in the subversion of the country are enemies of state, thus traitors to their country who committed or are committing an act of treason. It is not a trivial offence and thus it is wrong for the minister to make such a claim without substantive evidence to support the assertion.
In a previous statement, the minister claimed that female suicide bombers are not aware they were strapping on a bomb. This is a bizarre claim to make and the press need to get on it and find out what the minister knows and what the administration knows, the evidence to support the claim and what it is doing about what it knows.

The press cannot sit idly or participate in fear mongering the country into tyranny.
Nigerians and in particular members of government cannot be seen to make bogus divisive statement that cannot pass the smell test.

God bless Nigeria.


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