Turkish Airline ABUJA fracas

Turkish Airline Fracas at Abuja-What Buhari’s admin must do.  

I would like to hear penalties for the Turkish airline for the disrespect and shoddy treatment of passengers. According to news reports, the passengers were frustrated after several days of promises and return trips to the airport. 

The NCAA must realize that these missing luggages contain presents and other valuables people must have purchased for friends and relatives for Christmas and other celebrations of this season. Whatever Turkish airline may have paid, I doubt it covers the lost materials and property. Some may even be irreplaceable. 

I know this because I had a similar experience 30 years ago with Alitalia flight from Singapore to Lagos. None of my checked luggage made it to Lagos. I had over $2,800.00 worth of presents and they offered $200.00 compensation. That was the limit of their obligations they claimed. They couldn’t tell me at what point in the travel they lost track. They advised me to buy insurance next time. I’ve never flown Alitalia again since. So I can see why some people will be frustrated and angry and act up the way they did. 

I strongly believe that in my case, the suitcases were stolen in Athens or Rome. My scheduled connecting flight from Athens to Lagos had problems and I was rebooked via Rome. I had to transfer my luggage in Athens and that was the last I saw of them. 

The question NCAA should be asking the Turkish airline and their government representative in Nigeria is, how did so many luggages go missing. I strongly believe that this warrants a fraud investigation. Nigerian government must do right by its people and demand an answer from the Turkish government. Nigeria has obligations to the Nigerian passengers on this airline that has seen fit to treat its citizens with careless disregard and disrespect. 

While the law must be upheld with respect to the airport security breach at Abuja, ever attempt must be made to make whole the people that lost so much, justice must be delivered for the Nigerian travelers who very likely lost a year or  more worth of savings. 

The Nigerian government legislators and executive are the highest paid in the world. They need to start earning their pay. Time to stop treating Nigerians like riffraff at home. They get enough of those abroad. 


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